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Former RichGirl Member Brave Talks New EP Fearless and New Single

by Alex on August 8, 2014

She’s most known from being 1/5 member of girl group RichGirl which parted ways in 2011, now the Baltimore native is readying her own solo career starting with her new buzz single “Oooh (Luv Ya) which is quickly getting more attention. In our new interview with the rising star we talk to Brave about her new EP Fearless which she plans on releasing the end of the summer and more.

YMMW:  A lot of people remember you from the girl group RichGirl since then you have been in some music videos and most recently TLC CrazySexyCool Movie, What else has Brave been up too since the disbandment of RichGirl?

Brave: Right now I have released my single call “Ooh (Luv You)” and I have basically been in a creatively hibernation for my new EP called Fearless which will be dropping the end of this summer. I have been working hard on releasing the EP and the single we just shot the video for it with Chris Robertson, we shot that in LA so we will be releasing that soon.

YMMW:  So recently you released a new song titled Oooh (Luv ya) which has been getting a lot of radio play recently tell us a little more about this song and how it came about.

Brave:  Absolutely the song was written by Candy Shields and myself, she’s this really dope songwriter from Arizona and I was out there and we were doing this studio rock out for about a week and this was one of the songs that came from that studio rock out. It’s just a really summer time feel good song that was basically me confessing my profound love for my dude at the time, even though he was getting on my nerves it was just like Oooh I Luv Ya, so that’s just basically how the song came about. So it’s a feel good song with a smooth sample that was produced by Ivan Barias and MilknSizz.

YMMW: So speaking of your EP Fearless, what do you hope fans will learn more about Brave the solo artist that we did not know before?

Brave: Brave the solo artist is a lover of words; I am a singer, lyrists, a poet all of those things will be expressed on the EP. I’m just a lover of art I paint I dance it’s just like a lot of stuff  that I love to do and a lot of those things will be expressed on the videos and the EP Fearless so you’ll definitely get a more personal look into who I am.

YMMW: We know that you worked with Ivan Barias and MilknSizz for your single Ooo (Luv Ya) what other producers and songwriters have you worked with on your EP Fearless.

Brave: I have been working with Candy Shields, Typewriters, J. Phoenix,  Kwame. Those are the top that I can name so far at the top of my head.

YMMW: Your former group members Sevyn Streeter and Lyndriette have been doing their solo thing in music do you think a future collaboration with the 3 of y’all?

Brave: You know what It’s very possible me and Lyndriette have actually had a conversations about that, that would actually be kind of cool,  I don’t know if that is something that something in the works in the future, but I am very proud of my girls I’m so so proud of them, I’m happy to see everybody keep moving and really being successful in music.

YMMW:  Now that you’re working on new music do you have a label deal in the works or are you doing things independently?

Brave: Right now everything is independently, labels I am defiantly open to, but right now I’m just making sure we have a very solid project and that every song that we’re doing and writing is a banger and that’s what we’re doing creatively and that’s just what we are doing.

YMMW: So after you release the mixtape what’s next for Brave?

Brave: We’re going to be in the studio doing more writing it’s crazy because my agent just picked up on some more acting stuff I’m defiantly looking to get into more acting gigs I’m actually really looking to audition right now for more movie rolls I just love to act it something that I love to do it just comes real natural to me and I would defiantly touring.

Check out  Brave’s new single Oooh (Luv Ya) below.


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