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Artist Review:Phenomenal 1 Rejection

by Hector De La Rosa on January 23, 2012

Chicago artists have a hard time accepting being abjured.  To exemplify, Kanye West rants on Twitter and throws flaring rage wars after being nominated for awards at award shows.  However, comes empty-handed.  Da Brat’s titled album AnuthaTantrum enhances this concept.  Upcoming hip-hop artist Phenomenal 1 (P1) brilliantly pens and spills his heartfelt sensibilities of being “Rejected” from employment, treated as an outcast to society, while sleeping with a broken heart.  The soulful production accompanied with the artist’s acidity raps gives this single that intense discomfort and painful sting.  Nonetheless, “Rejection” is a good thing allowing the inner being to develop in-depth character.  He channels the pessimism and infuriation that stems from abandonment into song transforming what is acrimonious into perseverance. – Hector De La Rosa @11journ_list

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